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It would be helpful if Shipstation had an option to Sync/Update more often than every 12 hours. Currently Shipstation updates/Sync every 12 hours and this causes miscommunication with our warehouse and inventory management tool. This creates a gap between orders placed and quantity available. 

Any chance a function can be added to chose update/Sync timing? 

Our current inventory management system is updating/syncing every 5 to 7 minutes.

Please advise.




Hey there MindySStone, 


I totally understand that desire for more frequent update/syncs. This is not a manually setting at this time, however, if you manually refresh/sync the store more and more often, the system will learn that frequency of more orders and perform that update more often. I usually see that timing can get to about every other hour or so. 


I know what you're looking for is a direct setting that you can adjust, which i think is a great idea! Hopefully that can help in the meantime 🙂  


100% this would be useful.  

As an alternative can there be a button to sync all stores at the top.  At the moment it takes 2 clicks to do this where as in theory it could be done in one quite easily?

It could be a second button at the top, or a configuration that would allow you to change the action of that button instead of bringing a dropdown to simply sync all stores?


Screenshot 2023-01-25 223154.jpg

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Yes, having to use two clicks to accomplish what one click could do is terrible UX design, and Shipstation is loaded with this sort of nonsense.  I sent a very long email to SS about how simple tasks take many unnecessary steps about a year ago, and while I seemed to get some interest from them, absolutely none of my suggestions have been implemented.


Ultimately I have left SS unfortunately I loved the product but simply not enough updates and bug fixes 😞