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I manage over 300 SKUs at any given time. Currently, when attempting to move an item to a new "location" I am forced to scroll through over 300 possible locations (including locations I have "deleted" due to typos, etc) and they are in no sensible order. It has created hours and hours of unnecessary work. I know that it is absolutely possible to implement this sort function, as these same locations are sorted alphanumerically in the "Inventory Warehouses" tab in "Settings". On the "Standalone Product Detail" tab, it's the same exact list of locations, but they're all out of order.

I desperately need them to be sorted alphanumerically so that we can work efficiently! Please please please take the 15 minutes to write 2 lines of code to sort these alphanumerically by default!

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I really need this feature as well. I contacted support and was told to post in these forums requesting it.