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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
It would be great to be able to sort orders by the Item Sku or Item Name column when there are multiple items in an order. Today there is no real sorting of those b/c it sorts on "Multiple Items" instead of the actual skus. In a perfect world, you could concatenate the SKUs alphabetically and sort on that. This would allow us to print large batches of similar orders together. We send many orders that have 2 skus in each order. One is a Welcome Pack and the other is one of 10-20 different SKUs. If we could sort that column where it would sort by the unique sku, we could print one big batch then separate the list as opposed to filtering and printing 20 batches of labels. Ideal sort would be: [SKUA + Welcome Pack] [SKUA + Welcome Pack] [SKUB + Welcome Pack] [SKUB + Welcome Pack] [SKUC + Welcome Pack] ... This could work for larger orders too, but may not be as useful. This would also be nice if the "Group By" feature functioned in the same way to group identical multi item orders.
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks so much for your idea! For orders that contain more than one item, we highly recommend creating product tags to apply to your orders. Once these tags apply to your open orders you can search and sort your orders grid by those tags. This article goes over how tags can help out in various aspects of ShipStation: For more information about tags work or how to set up tags on your Products, please feel free to open a Support ticket by visiting our Help Center at
Status changed to: Investigating