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In the update notes for the new version, ShipStation says this about the "split and combine shipments improvements":


This new process also more accurately represents what our merchants are actually doing. You are either fulfilling items from a single order separately, or you are fulfilling items from separate orders together.


Not sure where you got your information from but that is definitely NOT what I need to use the split order feature for. How about orders that need to be split because we can not fulfill the entire order?? How are we to accomplish that? There is no ability to edit the invoice even if we use the split shipment feature and cancel the other part of the shipment.


Removing functionality is not a good thing!


New Contributor

I 100% agree.  This was not broken and this is causing a lot more work.  Again, who asked us whether we used this feature?  We literally put in place products and shipping methods (2 USPS Medium Flat rate boxes) because of this functionality.  PUT IT BACK.  Don't fix what isn't broken.


Agreed, this new way of doing things is not how we operate.