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Status: New

there is a tick box here:

settings>selling channels>store setup>three dots>edit store details>box for verification for non US addresses

As a merchant, I thought I needed to tick this box to make sure our UK addresses were verified? That's what it implies.


It turns out that doing this means any customer address updates done in our store are ignored(overrode) by Shipstation! So we have created labels with the wrong address for our customers, after they have told us the right address.


Please can it be explain in settings near the tick box what this box actually does, and also to warn that if you tick it, no address changes you make after the initial order will be updated in shipstation. What are the implications of not having this box ticked on my non-us addresses?


It also seems that now after unticking this box, any address changes made up to now will still not be updated, so I don't know if future prints for orders already made before today, labels will still be printed with old address info 😕