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We use barcode scanning on packing sheets to print labels.


Accidents happen, and despite our best intentions, occasionally a packing sheet might be accidentally printed twice.


The first sheet has already been scanned, parcel packed, label printed and applied, great.


But if a second duplicate packing sheet is scanned, the same label created for the first scan is re-printed without any errors or warnings.... in a busy packing room, this has meant we have packed a second parcel, applied the duplicate label and sent a customer 2 parcels with identical labels on...


There is a very tiny above the customer details that says shipped - but when packing 100s of parcels a day and scanning to print labels at top speed, this is so easy to not see, in fact the packing team often don't feel the need to even look at the screen, they just scan the packing sheet barcode and then the print barcode and the label pops out.


My request is that label reprints cannot be allowed via the print barcode scan, and they should have to be manually clicked on the screen after a warning that 'Yes, I do really want to print a reprint of a label that has already been printed'.

As this would alert the packer that something is not right, and prevent duplicate stock being sent out accidentally.