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Status: Under Review
Having UPS Quantum View Notify functionality would be amazing. It's an extremely powerful tool that basically allows to send notifications to the customer regarding their delivery status, like delays in transit or if it's sitting at a UPS Access Point. I'm not sure what other carriers have in regards to this, but I'm sure they may have something similar. Delivery confirmation is one thing, and already very good, but having even more notifications like listed above would be incredible. We have customers who's packages end up sitting at UPS Access Points until they are returned to sender because they don't know how to check their tracking information or forgot about their order. Let's get 10,000 votes on this. It's the only thing left to make Shipstation perfection.
We've used shipstation for years and now we are trying to figure out how to integrate shipstation with Quantum View Manage. We are now shipping UPS packages using both our UPS negotiated rates and shipstation UPS negotiated rates due to the contract that was done between UPS and shipstation in late Nov. 2019. So I've been searching platforms and just found that shipworks does this For those of us shipping via UPS and now using the shipstation UPS rates on packages, we need a better way to see any issues - late packages, damaged packages, whatever it may be. Currently we ship using the shipstation platform and shipstation rates - all we can see is an airplane or check mark depending if a package has been delivered or not. We would have to click on every link individually to track a package to see any type of alert (issue) - this is not good. Take a look at shipworks as this feature is needed at shipstation especially since the new contract for discount rates between the 2 platforms (Shipstation and UPS).
I agree - integration with UPS quantum view would make this platform top tier - shipworks integrates with UPS quantum view??
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I would love this. We have one particular store where orders are generated by the store customer service reps via their website. When they place the order, we receive the order on behalf of their customer with all of their customers' address and email information however the CSR's would like to have a way that we could include them as well in the email notifications. The blind cc in notifications won't work for this scenario since they are too many different reps and they don't want to get each others notfications.
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It would be very benneficial for the customer to be notified as the package with UPS changes status for example out for delivery. It would also be nice to have the capability to text message the tracking package status.
Status changed to: Under Review
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This would be amazingly powerful.  I believe there is a way to already do this.  Shipstation just needs to access QVM and send out tracking data as a logged-in user.  In other words, a separate QVM ID and credentials are created for them to ping from when accessing the API When creating the label it will send tracking information out to Shopify.

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This is the only thing we are truly missing since changing over to shipstation. It was so easy to update something wrong with the package and still get it delivered on time to the member.