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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
The ability to take advantage of USPS Merchandise Return Service and have an option to print a return label with every shipment or selected shipments and not have to pay for the postage unless the customer uses it. I believe this is available through API only and there may be a form you have to submit to USPS:
First-timer (legacy)
It looks like there is already an automated rule that can be put into place to utilize the Endicia pay on use feature within Shipstation: The one drawback is that it is automated to only work where the return label is output when generating the outbound shipping label. This won't work for our process, as generating the outbound label is the last step in our shipping process, and shipments are already packaged up in full and ready to go out the door by the time outbound labels are created, but, may be helpful in other areas.
First-timer (legacy)
Endicia currently offers pay on use return labels for USPS but you have to do it through their dazzle software. Maybe now that is acquiring Endicia maybe they can make the feature work with shipstation. P.S. it does cost 50 cents per label, whether it gets used or not but there was no $1,000 annual fee as far as I know.
First-timer (legacy)
Currently we only have the automation option to create FedEx and UPS return labels with Automation Rules. We'd like to have the same functionality extended to USPS.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi there! I am in Canada and use Canada Post for shipping. Similar problem, I can't print return labels to add to the shipment. We sell recyclable water filters, and with each delivery we send a sticking return label so the customer can return this to us for recycling (great for the environment, clients and business!). We moved to Shipstation and this feature is not available. Everything else is amazing, but we do need this feature to keep on growing! thanks!! A.
First-timer (legacy)
Need this feature! I would happily open a USPS account and pre-ill it if necessary if a customer uses one of our pre-printed return labels.
New Contributor
This feature request was created 4.5 years ago, and is one of the top votes feature requests and yes it has not been updated by a Shipstation Admin in over 2.5 years. Clearly this is a feature a large portion of your clients need for their business so lets get it done. Shipstation users - Lets get this voted to #1 to get the team working on this as it is already the 10 most requested,.
First-timer (legacy)
If you can't go around pre-paid postage, how about creating a feature to automatically void a label if tracking isn't updated within X weeks time? You can DEFINATELY do that with USPS! If you can manually void it, why not have ship station automatically void it within X weeks if tracking isn't updated? Maybe even do this for UPS/Fedex?
First-timer (legacy)
How about offering this through FedEx?
First-timer (legacy)
at least capability to automatically void the unused labels after certain days.
First-timer (legacy)
Any update?