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Status: Completed
When our customer asks us for shipping prices we would Like to be able to export shipping prices from the shipping calculator in shipstation from all our couriers since we do not know if the customer is looking for affordable shipping, Fast shipping, or has a preferred courier it is frustrating having to copy every line everytime a customer asks for shipping price. Just On eBay we have this question asked several times a day. To have a simple way of offering this to them so they decide would save us a lot of time. We have 4 Couriers with a total of almost 20 shipping options. Depending on the item It would be great if we can also automatically add an adjustable shipping and handling. For example If it is a small item add $2 to all the rates If it is a much larger item add $50 to all the rates.
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Status changed to: Completed

ShipStation's Checkout Rates feature, released earlier this year, provides the ability to configure the rates you'd like to offer your customers at checkout based on the rates you see in ShipStation. Currently, this feature works with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Wix stores, with more stores coming soon!