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The Age column in the Orders screen is calculated based on the original order date/time as passed into ShipStation, whether ShipStation gets the orders directly from the channel or through an intermediary such as an order management system that aggregates orders from multiple channels. Our business deals with a lot of limited-edition collectibles and other pre-order items for which orders can be placed weeks or months before the product arrives in our warehouse and is available to ship. All orders accumulate in the OMS, and are released to ShipStation once all items on an order are in-stock and ready to ship.

We can already see in the OMS how long it has been since an order was received from the channel.

What would be very beneficial in ShipStation would be a column/field that shows us how long an order has been inside ShipStation itself, so we can track that we are getting orders picked, packed, and shipped within a resaonable time of the order being passed to ShipStation from the OMS. An order that was received from the channel 8 days ago and sent from the OMS to ShipStation 7 days ago should be prioritized over an order for a pre-order item that has been sitting in the OMS for 3 months, and was just sent to ShipStation today after the stock arrived in the warehouse yesterday.