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There are quite a few similar related remarks on wanting more local control versus global control on Pack Slip print options. 


One critical is to have varying print order function by Template to optimize fulfillment operations.

See below excerpt from customer service dialog  request (3021566)


Sasha, I appreciate the update and input. But it specifically addresses as well what it is doing today and where the issue is for us ;

- ONLY being able to specify sort order as Document option, applying to All Packing Slip templates

- NOT being able to have different Packingslip Templates being able to print out in varying sort order,


i.e. The default for multiline orders, in order  by #order number and the lines within the order  by Warehouse bin location - as it is today ...

BUT - Additionally- for our  For single Line orders (and Pack Slip Template)  – simply Printing (and effectively) Grouping them by Warehouse Bin location – regardless of the Order #, as we want to be able to visit each bin only once and hence want in order of Bin, NOT in order of order #.


As we have a split of 50% multi-line orders and 50% single line orders - we have for this purpose different Pack Slip templates - with slightly varying information but can not manipulate the sort order for Order Documents across the two. 


Critical for optimized fulfillment operations. 


Thanks and regards, Frits.