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Status: Under Review
Because this original request I made for this was closed when an unrelated feature was introduced, I'm creating a new one. I would very much like to be able to have the automation in ShipStation be able to print. This would allow me to have it automatically print all new orders that have downloaded, so that warehouse personnel know an order has come in when the printer starts spitting out packing slips. This is something we're used to having in a different product we switched from to ShipStation and it's the main thing we miss. With printing being done through ShipStation Connect now, this should be entirely possible too. The other thing that would have be added is another feature that ShipStation really does need anyway: an indication of some kind that an order has already been printed. This would allow automation to "print all unprinted orders" as well as greatly reduce the possibility of orders being double-packed when more than 1 person is working shipping. We've had this happen multiple times simply because there's no good way to tell when an order has already been printed right now. Thank you!!

Hey there @ja


We do not yet have an automatic printing feature, but I do appreciate the desire for this type of feature. We are always looking into what changes can be made, in the future so if we see any movement on this idea i'll update this thread accordingly 🙂 

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Has anyone been able to achieve this by using Zapier? Perhaps a zap between ShipStation and ?


It is wild that this is not possible yet...

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I have been able to do this with an app I created outside of shipstation. We have processed thousands of orders this way. If anyone is interested they can email me

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Please put "Packing Slip Printed" status column on Orders page.

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@BobbyT  we could be thinking the same thing if you could filter out the printed packing slips you could use a stream deck and print the latest orders just by pushing one button