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We have had a consistent problem with ShipStation Connect not actually printing labels, but showing that they are printed, and have been trying to get it resolved over the past almost year now.   


The most frustrating part of this whole situation is, support just tells me to clear my cache/cookies (I already do this multiple times per week) or to uninstall/reinstall ShipStation Connect, which we've done a total of 5 times now, but are still experiencing the issue. 


There have been instances that we have had 5-10 orders shown PRINTED in a batch, but never get printed out. The only way I can ensure orders are printed is by manually counting each order that prints out in the batch, which almost defeats the entire purpose of "batch" printing!


We've had this issue with batches that have less than 10 orders but have also seen this with large batches as well. Shipstation's print team also states they've not heard of any other users with this issue, so they've said it's most likely my printer. Here's the kicker, we got a new label printer in hopes that just buying a new printer would eradicate the issue, but to no avail, the issue popped up again even with the new printer on board. We started out with a DYMO 4xl, and now are using a Zebra ZPL500, so in my eyes, it's not a printer issue, it's an issue within the path for Shipstation connect. 


My question is, is anyone else experiencing this? And if you are, what have you found that WORKS to fix the problem? If you are, and haven't worked with the Support Team, I think it would be a great help to all of us if tickets are made in reference to this 🙂 


Currently Experiencing this issue.  Have been for a few months now or just caught onto it happening.  It happens regularly and has become a huge problem.


Having the exact same issue - regardless of machine and/or computer. 
Anyone else have any suggestions on how to solve this or avoid this challenge? 


Thank you!


happening here too, shame to see this has been an ongoing issue for years with no solution