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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Currently, packing slips are a global setting applied to all stores. If you have multiple stores where some packing slips are 4 X 6 and some packing slips are 8 X 11, you need to change the account settings every time you print. Would be way more convenient to be able to assign the size of the packing slips by store so you don't have to constantly change the account setting.
First-timer (legacy)
This has become a large issue for us. We have several dozen stores we are managing with Shipstation. Many stores have a small number of products on a purchase -- which works with a packing slip that prints on a single label. But, we have one store (that we own) where the packing slips print on about 8+ labels given the large number of different products that each customer orders (e.g. most of our items are <$1 and people order a lot of different items). 8+ labels as a packing slip just doesn't work. For this store, we really need it to print the 4x6 shipping label on the thermal printer, and the packing slips on the 8x11 laser printer. Thus, having the feature where this can be done by store, and not globally, would be great. We are having to look for another solution for the store(s) that need this, which may mean going outside of Shipstation, which is not ideal as we want to get everything in one place.
First-timer (legacy)
Has there been any movement on this request in the last four years?!? I just chatted with support only to find out that this is not possible. This is VERY unfortunate, as we too have many stores managed by ShipStation. Some users will be printing to a 4x6 and some to 8x11. This should be available as an option either at the Order Level, or by Assignee. I would even be OK with is at the Store level. Going into global settings will NOT work for us since we have multiple users using ShipStation at once, and if one person makes the settings change, it will effect every other user currently in the system.
The packing slips should be customizable at a store level (print / no print, size, format, etc, etc). We have one store that requires packing slips and many that don't so we would want to auto-print packing slips for this store only.
First-timer (legacy)
I second @TimApple -- USER specific printing preferences would be extremely helpful. We have different printing needs for each profile, and it is really annoying having to change settings every time we want to print.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be great. I really only need packing slips on my direct to customer stores. I often have to turn off packing slips for manual stores I have set up that are purely for promotional items and don't need to waste the label on a packing slip.
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Hello, I can see that this has been an ongoing issue for a few years. We've been with shipstation for a little less than a year now, starting with one fulfillment location on the account, expanding to 4 different locations utilizing the account. It is extremely difficult to process our orders with so many different people on the accounts. We fulfill for about 6 different customers from 4 different warehouses, about 8 users. Some customers need specific packing slips from their sites, so we will print labels w/o packing slip, sort by order #. Other customers are fulfilled with the SS packing slip to help our team identify variable products in each box. Other customers need to be sort by item due to how our team locates and packs. These are all just variables out of one warehouse, processing about 1,000+ every morning around the same time our other warehouses are trying to process their 100s. We currently operate by sending chats to each other, which is okay for now however once we start picking up in the late spring and early summer, we worry settings may be overlooked and messed up, resulting in wasted labels.
Hello, this needs to be addressed. We have some stores that have their own packing list and some which can be printed from ShipStation. Why can't I set up the option to print with label by store? It has to be globally set so all stores get it or none.
Do you guys ever develop anything anyone requests? lol
First-timer (legacy)
This is a critical part to our operation, specifically as we service both B2B and B2C orders. Being able to configure the packing slip size by Store is crucial.
First-timer (legacy)
Let's be honest here, after 5 years they aren't going to do it. Why do multiple labels on one account when you can just buy two accounts with different settings. /s