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I contacted Ship Station support to find a way to have our customer notes and gift messages from our Shopify store automatically print on our packing slips. We were able to do this by adding field replacement [Notes from Buyer] to our packing slip. For whatever reason this pulls in our notes and our gift messages as one long line. While this was fine for the packing slip that we use in-house (we use the Ship Station packing slip as our pick ticket in our warehouse, as we do not like their pick ticket layout and they are not customizable), we wanted to create a second packing slip to include in our customers’ orders. In that second packing slip, we only wanted to include the gift message, NOT the customer notes.


We were told the only way to do this was for someone to adjust our gift notes to import into [Custom Field #1]. Someone from the support team did this for us.


We then added the [Custom Field #1] field replacement into our second packing slip, that will be sent out to customers when a gift message is included. This worked perfectly, until one of our customers left a very long gift message and it was totally cut off. Apparently there is a 100 character limit on custom fields. We would love if you would increase that character limit, or get rid of it all together. 

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We have the same problem with Custom Fields getting cut off. We extensively use customer and order tags from Shopify for automation. We would like more characters supported or the option to increase the maximum character length. ShipStation also treats the tags as one long string as opposed to individual tags which means we have to handle them differently in ShipStation compared to Shopify and other apps, but that can be worked around. The Custom Field 100 character limit has no automated workaround that I am aware of. Please advise.