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Please could you expand the available [Field Replacements] to include each separate address element (line 1,2,3, city, postcode, country...), or even every separate input field for an order, and correctly document a complete list?

While creating a custom packing slip, I've found that the documentation of available [Field Replacements] is incomplete. Eg. Using [Recipient Postal Code] or [Recipient City] both correctly return these sections of address data, despite not existing in documentation.

I want to get each line of the address printed as its own field replacement, and have found undocumented field replacements that function to provide all but the "recipient address line x" lines and the full name of the country, mostly by checking the names of the input fields in ShipStation's browser source code and guessing the format of the required field replacement based on similar documented ones. I've since been told that the ones I can't find easily don't exist - but I've got myself into the difficult position of not fully trusting the support team's statement, as they didn't know about the fields I found before getting stuck.


Hey there @JedDancer


I definitely understand wanting more options there for the field replacements! I'll move this over to our idea section so that other community members can kudo this post to show their support 🙂 

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Thanks @Moderator-Davis - I meant to put it there, but missed the "show all" in boards selection so couldn't see the option! 🙈