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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
Would like the ability to have customer EORI or VAT number included in the international shipping documents
This is a critical need for anyone doing a serious amount of International shipping. The the ability to have the customer EORI or VAT number printed in the SHIP TO and SOLD TO section of the Commercial Invoice that is generated for FedEx/UPS EEI filings is mandatory for high volume shippers. Surely there is an API that will allow you to pass this information through to be printed on the form.
First-timer (legacy)
This is something at least one of our European customers has asked for, too. Please implement some mechanism for including EORI numbers in customs paperwork.
this is very critical for or business to ship packages with FedEx and be able to add the customer EORI or VAT number printed in the SHIP TO and SOLD TO section of the Commercial Invoice Hope this can be done ASAP
First-timer (legacy)
Having the ability to put your tax id or EORI number on the commerical invoices for all carries not only the onces provided on the intial set up now which include UPS, USPS, etc. Also providing customers the options to edit these documents BEFORE the shipment has been selected to ship. Once you hit the ship button only then the commercial informations populates for you to edit it.
First-timer (legacy)
Would appreciate if this can be added as this is vital for an international shipment to clear customs
Occasional Contributor
I ship for multiple channels (ie companies) and therefore I need to be able to have VAT and EIRO numbers at Channel Level ie for each customer. With Brexit looming I dont want one company being monitored and becoming liable for any tax issues post-brexit.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, madatory for us too! an update would be appreciated.
First-timer (legacy)
The invoice shipstation creates for international orders has the option of putting the importer's/receivers TaxID of Vat#, but no way of uploading this information. It would help imensley during customs to have both our Tax ID number and the importers on this document.
Will be required soon to have EORI number on invoice. We as the shipper send 95% of our packages DDP, we will need to have the capability to automate having the EORI and VAT number populate on each store/country.
First-timer (legacy)
"Due to Brexit requirements, this feature has been implemented for UK accounts." Please simply add it globally as the manual option is better than no option at all. Many countries have this requirement when shipping between them, Brexit is just a new instance of it.