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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
Would like the ability to have customer EORI or VAT number included in the international shipping documents
I think what they mean really is the UK accounts have been the live beta testers.
Looking at Settings>Shipping>International Settings, I see that we could potentially set our OWN EORI/TaxID number to appear on ALL International shipments. But what is needed is the ability to upload the EORI/TaxID number of the RECIPIENT to a particular shipment that changes with each International shipment so they are responsible for additional duties and taxes. Essentially DDU (Incoterms 2010) or DAP (Incoterms 2020). Super frustrating that our company has been waiting on this change for 4+ years. Shipstation controls ShipEngine...add the API call please. Sweetner: I'll buy you TacoDeli breakfast tacos.
Occasional Contributor
To add in my 2 cents... Given the new requirements when shipping to the UK, a VAT number must be entered on the customs paperwork when shipping to the UK with a value under 135 British Pounds. The UK no longer bills the recipient for duties and taxes and requires that the SELLER pay those taxes on a quarterly basis through the HMRC. So... for someone like me who ships for multiple stores, I need the functionality of entering invididual VAT numbers that are specific to the seller/store I am shipping for. Without the ability to add these VAT numbers to the customs paperwork, I have had to cut back on shipping to the UK... one of the top 4-5 international destinations for most shipping companies. Its an absolute joke that ShipStation has this ability for UK based ShipStation users, but have not implemented on a global level. Its not like this requirement is "news" as it was talked about all 2nd half of last year about going effective January 1st, 2021. Not only that, the EU is going to implement a very similar system in July of 2021 where a seller specific registration number will be needed to clear customs (bill duties/taxes) back to the seller. ShipStation has really done its customers a disservice by pushing this update back with no apparent ETA as to when it will be implemented. Time to look for another service provider.
I'd be keen to know what other services people are looking at, I don't have much trust they will get this right for selling into the EU in July 21 now. They can't even support me charging my customers in Euros if i'm based in the UK.
Any update on when this might be implemented? As we understand it, we must include the EORI# for shipments bound for the UK from the US, so without this update, we cannot ship to the UK via ShipStation. Please let us know if this is not correct, or if there is a workaround.
First-timer (legacy)
hey Brian - it's a lame bandaid but we literally put the EORI into one of our address fields to keep the shipments flowing