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Hello ShipStation Community,

I'm writing to propose a feature that I believe would greatly benefit many users in this forum and improve overall efficiency.

In our ecommerce business, we've noticed that when a customer orders multiple quantities of a single product, the packing slip only reflects a single line item with the total quantity. For instance, if a customer orders 3 units of Product XYZ, the packing slip shows 1 line with a quantity of 3.

This method can lead to confusion and errors at our fulfillment center, where each item is handled individually. We need each quantity to be represented as an individual line item on the packing slip, i.e., if 3 units of Product XYZ are ordered, the packing slip should reflect 3 individual lines each with a quantity of 1.

Interestingly, I've observed that the "Picking List" already includes an option that behaves this way - a feature that does not summarize items. However, this feature is currently not available for packing slip configuration or customization.

Implementing this feature on packing slips will streamline our packing process, reduce errors, and most likely will benefit other businesses as well that have similar requirements.

By introducing this feature, you would be addressing a significant challenge for many ecommerce businesses. This small change could greatly improve the efficiency of order fulfillment processes, especially for businesses that handle a large volume of orders or sell items in bulk.

I invite other members of the ShipStation Community who face similar issues or see the potential value in this proposed feature to chime in and share your thoughts. The more voices and perspectives we gather, the better chance we have of seeing this important feature implemented.

Thank you for considering this feature request. I believe this change will greatly enhance ShipStation's utility and effectiveness for many businesses, including ours.

Best regards,


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Hi @JacobReinitz 
Hope you are well!

We would to help you here with this request, where a packing slip will get created with all the line items that you have in your Shipstation order information.
Please reach out to -