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Does anyone know if it is possible to bold the quantities on the packing slip IF the quantity of an item is greater than one?


this is our current HTML in the "Order Items" section of the template:


<td class="sku">[Sku]</td>
<td>[Item Title]<br>[Item Options]</td>
<td align="right" class="price">[Unit Price]</td>
<td align="center">[Quantity]</td>
<td align="right" class="price">[Extended Price]</td>


Thank you,



Hey there @motion1


Thanks for joining us here in the community! 


Currently, the ShipStation packing slips do not support that sort of "if/then" logic capabilities. While you could certainly bold the item quantities, it would be across the board and not just on "greater than 1" type logic. 


I absolutely see the case for this type of packing slip change though! I've moved this over to the ideas page so that others can vote on this potential adjustment.

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Hello, this article goes into detail about the HTML code needed in your Packing Slip template to achieve this. It's a necessity imo. Hope this helps!

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@tightwrapz thank you VERY much for taking the time to post this info, you are a life saver!!

BTW - I find it a bit frustrating that on May 23, 2022 Shipstation's own staff @Moderator-Davis said this feature did not exist, yet the article you found was from April, 2022.  

Anyways, I am to get it working.

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You are so welcome! Same, I had a call with them today and they said it wasn't possible.

Below I tweaked the code offered in the article to highlight the qty's in addition to bolding it:

If you want to highlight & bold qty's >1, go to the Packing Slip Template in your template settings and make the following adjustments to the HTML:

Step 1:

Add this code at the top of the Order Header section of the editor:

 .quantity {
background-color: yellow;
font-weight: bold; } .quantity1 { font-size:1em;
background-color: white; font-weight: normal !important; } </style>


Step 2:

  1. Click the Order Items section and find the following line of code:

    <td align="center">[Quantity]</td>
  2. Highlight it and replace with the following code:

    <td align="center" class="quantity quantity[Quantity]">[Quantity]</td>

Step 3: Save your new template and set it as the store's default template in order to print 2 packing slips per page. 

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does this only work for color printers?

We have a B&W thermal. Maybe I can set background to Black and font to white which will emulate highlighting it?

If this does work, do you know if it's possible to highlight the qty on the pick list as well?  I know the pick list currently makes the font bigger and bold for any qty>1, but highlighting would likely help is stand out better.


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Here is what I did for B&W printers and it seems to work well.  In Order Header I put this at the top:

 .quantity {
      background-color: black;
      color: white;
      font-weight: bold;
  .quantity1 {
      background-color: white;
      color: black;
      font-weight: normal !important;