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Hi, I recently attempted to ship a package to China (my first international shipment). I filled out the required info for customs on the ShipStation site, but there was no indication that I needed to print the customs documents, or where to print them from. So I shipped the package with just the UPS label, assuming that the customs info was in UPS database somewhere and they could access when needed. A day later, the package was returned to me because I didn't include the customs docs, and apparently I just lost $167 in shipping cost because of my ignorance. This is frustrating because I saw no warning that I needed to find and print the additional documents. So, I'd suggest you add a very visible instruction to print the international customs docs. Better yet, it would be nice if they'd print automatically with the label. Thanks for listening!


I am so sorry jhill88 to hear that you've lost such a large amount of money - for (truly) no reason.


I wonder if this UPS international labeling program is connected to ShipStation's (and international shipping "program" they are insisting on for USPS mailed parcels.  In which NONE of the documents print out - the label for my package is addressed to a PLACE in NEW JERSEY!!!!  Their so called "GAP" program .... send your package there (the label is that address, not your customer's) and someone there is supposed to print out both the customs form and the label I create.  (But I can't see what they actually print out) and stick them on the package ???  

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I thankfully didn't lose money like this, but agree that the customs forms should at least have a setting you can turn on to automatically print them with or following the label. 


@ jami - I have always been used to printing a package label by inputting customer's information and then actually filling out the customs label. I forget the form number but there is one label that includes both customer info and package contents on one sheet that is affixed to the package.  I will NEVER again ship UPS internationally - as it turns out there is (or was) a separate fee for a UPS rep to get the package to the other country - they WILL NOT tell you about this, if you phone for a shipping quote !!!!!!!!   I am not talking about duty or other fees, it was/is a separate charge only for what amounts to picking it up and carrying it from one office to another.  (Maybe they don't do this now - that was a few years ago.) 


In I had always printed out the customs label myself.  Suddenly with NO warning, they adopted this plan of my putting in my customer information but what printed out was a label addressed to their "GAP" facility in New Jersey -- which apparently was supposed to print a label with my customers name and address and the customs form.  ShipStation adopted the same thing!!!!!!!  (Thankfully it has been removed form my account.)  This is just like eBay's Global Shipping program !!!!  and I wanted nothing to do with it.  I want absolute control over what kind of labels are on my package. I do not trust anyone else to do it for me, and WORSE I can't see what they have done.  ALSO a huge deal for me is the added time getting my package to my customer.  WASTING at least several days !!! 


@jhill88 - It's difficult to start something new with little direction or instruction, but if a package goes from one country to another it must have a customs label on it.  I have no clue how UPS handles this but no customs label is going to print out automatically and just "being in the system" does not count. 


You can't print customs labels automatically, because the system requires actual information typed in by you to generate a label. 


ShipStation has adopted a "GAP" plan in which you type in information and then what prints out is a label addressed to a USPS facility (again, I don't know if this happens for UPS also, probably not? just guessing).  At that facility, somebody (I have no clue, "who") prints out the actual label with customer info and package contents and from there it goes out into the mail.   Personally?? I won't use a service where something this important is completely out of my control.