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My suggestion is to add this feature and it will help alot and work will be done faster without mistake.

I want if i print label on zebra printer so packing slip automatically print on my regular printer 8.5 11 this way there would be less chance to skip the packing slip so in work flow it help alot ,We print 50 label one by one for a reason but after every label print we have to print packing slip and some time by mistake we forget to print packing slip so it broke squance at the time packing slip and many time order shipped wrong due to this issue.

Also if possible for international fedex label , we have to print commercial invoice so is there possiblity to add that feature like if we print international fedex label so it should automatically print 3 copies of commercial invoice once we print fedex international label .

We use to have shiprush and they had that facility so hopefully it can be done here as well ?