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We are interested in having the custom and note fields be usable on the print shipping label screen.  This way we can scan the lot, serial number and or expiration date into one of the fields and have it report the information back to our OMS.  This is something we would be willing to pay for if it can be done.  A lot of businesses need to track lots as they are shipping products that are ingestible or are absorbed through the skin.  Is this something that is  being looked into?

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Hi Jwallace,


We recently created an application that integrates with ShipStation called Using Serialtrack, you can keep track of serial numbers across order numbers. Using a simple scanning workflow, the serial numbers will be automatically added into the custom notes field, so that you can have the peace of mind to know exactly what you sent and where you sent it. The expiration date idea is not something that is currently functional, but I am pretty sure that after a quick call, we could figure out how to do that as well.


I would love to talk to you more about this idea. Please email us at