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I would like to change the document settings per user to help bifurcate the work that my team does.


Here is my use case. Consider our company which ships orders that are type A and type B. We need packing slips for type A, but we don't need them for type B. If we leave packing slips on for type B, it takes my team twice as long to print them and it's a waste of labels/ink. 


When we print type B, we sometimes print hundreds or thousands at a time. We edit the document settings so labels do not include packing slips. During that time, the rest of my team is basically standing around because they cannot print their type A labels. If my other users had different document settings, they could print their labels with packing slips while not interfering with the Type B labels with no packing slips. 

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New Contributor

I second this we need these to be by user not for the whole company we should be able to choose this on our own. now every day i have to flip back and forth between setting and end up waisting a bunch of labels whenever we are trying to print these different options.