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It would be a great idea if we had the ability to customize the Order Summary Report template, and rename it just like we can do so with Shipping Templates.  For example, the Order Summary Report is condensed and organized vertically and is really a great template to use for a warehouse to pick/pack items quickly.  Leaving the standard Order Summary Report is fine whereas it useful as-is for many people/companies.  But what I would do is eliminate the pricing, enlarge the font size of the Qty, rename the "Record #" to be "Order #," and increase the font size of the "Order #."  I would also add a "Due Date" to let me warehouse know when we expect to size this order and I would also add a section as to how it will ship (UPS, Fedex, Palletize, Crate, etc).


Hey there @stalanian


I definitely understand the desire for this type of Order Summary customization! I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other community members like you can vote on this to show interest in this idea! 

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Thanks - the Order Summary report would be very useful for everyone.  I bet not many people are using it now because there's so much information on it now it becomes counter-productive.  But if we have the ability to customize the info that appears, more people will use it.  I know my company woulkd use it every day (if we could customize it.

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I came here looking for answers and sadly got them.

I would also love to be able to customise this. The order summary view is a lot easier than individual packing slips but I need to be able to see "custom field #1" and I do not have the ability to include this it seems.