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We use Shopify as a sales channel and I just noticed this on an order shipping to South Korea:


To pass customs in South Korea, you must add the customer's Personal Customs Code to the shipping label.
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And then there's a new field the customer supplied with a long number. Does anyone else know about this? Is this easy to automate and put on Shipstation Labels?


Anything on this? Hit the same roadblock here.

Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this feedback to us! 


Currently ShipStation does not have an automation for adding this code for those South Korean shipments. I will be moving this to our ideas section so that our other terrific community members can vote on this as we move forward! 

Occasional Contributor

We would love for this feature to be automated! Shopify collects the number, but we have to manually paste it in. Thanks for adding to ideas list!