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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
Just as the title suggests, it would be great to be able to have the pick list get the products location based on the location in inventory, not by the warehouse location field. That field has to be manually updated. A products inventory location is constantly changing, or same products in split locations, manually updating that field just to generate a pick list is very cumbersome. It would also be great if it gets the location that has the least amount of inventory first.
We have two warehouse locations and this is a headache for us. At the moment, we're going to enter both warehouse locations, separated by a comma. However, it will have to be manually updated whenever we move inventory.
First-timer (legacy)
I TOTALLY agree with Steve. When the actual inventory warehouse location is entered for a product, it would be great to have an option to use the actual inventory location for both pick list and packing slip. This feature will not only save time for information entering (i.e. you just need to do it once for inventory location), but also displays the accurate and correct location for where the warehouse staff should go to pick that item. In fact, it is very common to store one item at different warehouse locations. If location A's inventory is empty, the pick list should move to the next inventory location (i.e. this is exactly how the inventory management is working). Currently it relies on the administrator to manually find the issue, and go to update the warehouse location. This is time consuming and easy to miss. If you have many SKUs and many orders, most likely the warehouse people will refer to the product inventory table directly, and discard the pick list. As mentioned by David, this also saves our time for updating the records whenever an inventory's warehouse location is moved. This also happens at a regular basis. Updating two different places in the system, is less efficient and easy to be wrong. More importantly, it will increase efficiency for all of us. When an order is cancelled, the warehouse staff could put the inventory back to the correct location, and the inventory count will be reverted. The current system already has a rule to decrease the number from inventory count. I think simply displaying the inventory location on the pick list and packing slip will work. Really hope to have this feature as it makes Shipstation's native inventory management much more friendly to use. It also makes the shipping process faster and keeping information accurate when an inventory is moved or depleted for one warehouse location. The end result is Shipstation's customer will love to use the system and stay with Shipstation for their busy E-Commerce business. Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
Why is this not a feature yet? It's inventory 101.
First-timer (legacy)
When you have 4 Inventory warehouses (not to mention multiple bins for each item) this would be huge
First-timer (legacy)
After trying to understand why our inventory counts were off (totals were fine, but per-bin counts were off), ShipStation help finally was able to tell me that deductions are done FIFO for the bins. So, a lack of visibility into the right pick bin when creating a pick list means that the picker might choose the wrong bin since they have no idea which inventory ShipStation will deduct from. In other words, having the location on the pick list is not a nice-to-have; inventory management is fundamentally broken without it.
First-timer (legacy)
Unbelievable...After wasting so much time updating all inventories in shipstation only to find out I still would have to manually pick the location/bin for each order in order for the staff to know where to pick it from.....What's the whole purpose of having warehouse/location/bins and etc...when it doesn't help much when it is time to ship the orders??????????? We need this functionality, like NOW!
Seriously. Why is this not a feature? It's crazy to have warehouse locations and not have them accessible.
First-timer (legacy)
And I am here to preach to the choir. I have inventory being tracked and deducted, but pick lists rely on a static field. Can't even select where it picks from based on inventory. The inventory system displays per product, but it just seems that they're disconnected otherwise. This was first requested in 2016, we're on 2018 and still no results.
First-timer (legacy)
There is a big bug in ShipStation Pick List and ShipStation either doesn't care or doesn't want to fix it. Pick List pulls product locations from wrong database field. So when you update your location in ShipStation, it will not be reflected in Pick List. Only orders imported into ShipStation after locations update, will have new locations. Let me start with saying that to fix this issue, will require a minute and in no way will impact anything else in ShipStation. Pick List is just a template, and all the engineer has to do is point location field to a an inventory location. There is no business or logical case where current ShipStation Pick List makes sense. I contacted ShipStation support and explained the situation. He offered solution where you can update orders manually with new locations. However, we get anywhere from 200-400 a day, and no one will sit and update orders manually. He offered to leave suggestion on this forum. Which is a great idea if ShipStation would listen or read this, because I found a post with people asking same thing back in 2016 (link below). This is a clear bug, which is easy and quick to fix. Or at least offer options where I can pick either inventory location or warehouse location on Pick List template. Again easy and simple thing to do. Im not the first or only person with that issue. Listen to your customers, they are only trying to make your system better!
First-timer (legacy)
Wow. Started using ShipStation a primary location inventory list and ran into same problem. Contacted SS support, explained the bug and all he can recommend to leave suggestion here. Sad how ShipStation doesn't care about their customers and doesn't want to fix a simple problem, or atleast add option to pick on Pick List Template either warehouse or inventory location. It is stupid what they are currently doing, and there is no real life or business case where current Pick List locations make sense. Also tried to make a post how SS can't fix a simple problem, guess what, whey are not publishing that post either.