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When picking, it can be useful to have a picking sheet with all SKUs and descriptions for that specific order listed on one page. Other information includes, quantity ordered, picked/ not picked tick box, barcode (if there is one) 


To clarify, each order will be printed on individual pages, with all order-related info, the packing slip will be printed at the packing stage. This further strengthens GDPR security, as customers address and other personal info will not be seen on the picking sheet, only printed at packing stage 


This is something that can be used at the picking stage. At the moment ship station picking sheet combines all SKUs into one list, and this can be tricky as orders can get mixed up and wrongly packed.  This feature  should simplify the process and minimize packing and picking errors 


This idea has already been suggested to a live chat consultant and hopefully, it can be something that is looked into by the SS team 

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Hi @kaj 

We have a Shipstation to Google sheets add-on that can help you print a picking sheet with all these details - and works with either Shipstation or Shopify

Here is a link to a demo

Customer use case here:

Email us at if you'd like this setup