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With the launch of version 4 for the DHL Globalmail labels that took place on Nov 2 we are finding that the reference fields are no longer printing on the label as they did before.

This dramatically and negatively affects the way we have processed orders for many years now using Shipstation.

Where before we could use the shipping label as a pick ticket, now we are forced to print a packing slip behind each label in order to identify what belongs to each shipment.

In our opinion, this is a total waste of thermal labels (they are like gold nowadays and hard to come by) and creates needless wear and tear on our zebra printers. 

In an age where conservation is in the forefront, this move makes absolutely no sense. 

Now when we print DHL Globalmail labels, we see a big empty space on the label where the reference fields could print without harming anything. 

We were told that reference field 3 is the one we need to use, but we tried that out and it still prints nothing on the label.