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My company has multiple stores and multiple new and old SKU's that we list under aliases. Having variations of SKU's creates confusion in our warehouse and results in orders being fulfilled wrong on occasion. Due to long positive history and traffic on certain ads, and listing restrictions on certain sales channels not allowing duplicate SKUs, deleting old ads and/or SKU's in not an option for us. It would be nice, and very helpful for continuity if we could print our orders while only showing the main SKU for an alias group. 



"Product A" has aliases as "product a" "product_a" "product 1a"

"Product 1" has aliases as "product 1" "product_1" "product 11"


Mixing up "product 1a" and "product 1" happens. If I could change a setting so when I print the Packing Slip to only show the parent SKU ("Product A"), it would allow me to have more distinct SKU names shown, and minimize the chances of any mistakes.


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Totally need this. Pick lists and packing slips should reflect Parent or master SKU, rather than the alias SKU. Does any order fulfillment want it some other way? I don't think so...