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Status: New

In printing setup, it would be awesome to have the option to set a printer and printer settings for a gift note, separate from the packing slip.


This would allow you to have special gift note cards you can print onto.


Hey there @JohnLecole


I think this is a terrific idea! I'll move this over to our ideas section so that our other community members can vote on it for potential implementation in the future! 🙂 


Thanks very much Davis!

Occasional Contributor

@JohnLecole Hey! So I might have a work around for this as we print our gift messages on separate paper. I was trying to find a way to print them all off at once instead of copy pasting each message into a word document and this is the solution I have as of now.

I created a packing slip template that only shows the gift message. With a little HTML tweaking on the packing slip you can change font style, size and even color if you wish. So now I can select all the orders with gift messages, hit the print packing slips button, apply my Notes template and then I select my other printer we use for gift messages. Hope this helps in some way! 

@Daylon I like your idea of creating a separate packing slip template for the gift message. Its exactly what I am trying to do. Can you share the HTML of how you did that by chance?