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In printing setup, it would be awesome to have the option to set a printer and printer settings for a gift note, separate from the packing slip.


This would allow you to have special gift note cards you can print onto.


Hey there @JohnLecole


I think this is a terrific idea! I'll move this over to our ideas section so that our other community members can vote on it for potential implementation in the future! 🙂 


Thanks very much Davis!

Occasional Contributor

@JohnLecole Hey! So I might have a work around for this as we print our gift messages on separate paper. I was trying to find a way to print them all off at once instead of copy pasting each message into a word document and this is the solution I have as of now.

I created a packing slip template that only shows the gift message. With a little HTML tweaking on the packing slip you can change font style, size and even color if you wish. So now I can select all the orders with gift messages, hit the print packing slips button, apply my Notes template and then I select my other printer we use for gift messages. Hope this helps in some way! 

@Daylon I like your idea of creating a separate packing slip template for the gift message. Its exactly what I am trying to do. Can you share the HTML of how you did that by chance?

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just came across this, facing the same issue, I tried creating 4x6 with ONLY gift note, so that it prints out gift note along with shipping label, but problem is if there is no gift note, it still prints out blanks. (note I do not include packing slips in the package by default)

and another issue is, even if you have them printed out in advance like another use mentioned, in SCAN AND SHIP mode you have no info indicating which note goes in which package.