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We are new to ShipStation and just found out that they don't support different label formats for "label" and "return label".  We want to use 4x6 thermal labels for our "label" settings when we ship orders out.  However, when we get a return request we would like to use 8.5"x11" paper to send the label to our customer.  I'm guessing ShipStation thinks their users are all including return labels when they send the orders out.  We don't do that as we don't have that many returns.


Any thumbs up/support for this from other users?  I guess for now I will be creating return labels a different way.


Well, actually we will probably just use the return feature native to ShipStation.  We will just adjust our print settings to 8.5"x11" before doing a return label and then change it back to 4"x6" afterward to do regular orders with thermal labels.  It is not that time-consuming.

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I'd love to see this feature too! It seems like a simple fix to give each their own settings. We have the exact same problem.