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Status: Completed
The biggest game changer in V3 is the Scan and Verify feature. This alone is helping us to make the decision to stay with SS after making the decision to leave because this feature is so crucial to eliminating misshiped orders. Just one down side, the ability to check rates in real time is no longer available during label creation in the Scan and Verify screen and that feature alone is priceless. I have attached two images displaying how V2 has the option during label creation and how V3 does not have that option in the same checkout process. Until the Postage Calculator is available in the Scan and Verify tab, we will have to stay on V2 but would love to move to V3 and keep being a customer to SS if this feature is implemented. I could also be mistaken and this feature may already exist in the setting somewhere but I have been unable to locate the setting. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider our request.
Occasional Contributor

This is critical.  I wonder if this request is in another thread too.  I'm a bit shocked that from a regular ship screen you can do quick rate compares, but not from the SCAN screen.  The SCAN screen is dramatically faster overall and works best for higher volume shippers.  Higher volume shippers need to compare rates too.

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100% agreed. We're new to SS and this is the one feature that I was surprised to not see. This is such low hanging fruit as the functionality is already in the system. We would love to have the rate browser on the Scan to Print view as well.