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Currently when a customer needs to make a  return/exchange. They access the branded portal and input the order number and zip code to access their ordered items. Here they can also print a shipping label. 


Is it possible to be able to instead of print a label generate a QR code that is emailed to the customer or texted so the customer can then just have UPS or FedEx print the label? Also in this same portal the customer can view my catalog of items for suggested exchanges for example sizes. 


Once the QR code is scanned via UPS or FedEx this automatically will trigger the customers refund or exchange order. 


Companies like Returnly and Happy Returns use this system. 


P.S. Need to also be able to customize the drop down list of reasons why for a return. The generic list doesn't  correspond.







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We also think QR code Returns will be very beneficial to our business & customers.