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Currently, Shipstation does not offer a UPS End of Day scan sheet.  Shipstation management seems to think (from their documentation) that an EOD (End of Day) scan is not needed for UPS, since Shipstation is sending the data anyway to UPS every day.  This purpose of the EOD for UPS has nothing to do with pushing data to UPS.  Proof for this if obvious, because UPS has their own free shipping software called World Ship.  World Ship automatically pushes all shipment data to UPS when each shipment is created while developers of World Ship still understand the need to create an EOD each day for the driver to scan anyway.  


The reason that UPS themselves create a scannable pickup sheet for the end of day in their own software is so that there is "proof" that the packages have been picked up and in their possession.  This is important for a few reasons:

1. It documents that the package was picked up giving the recipient comfort that their package is in transit.

2. It gives proof that a package was picked up in case it is lost or stolen in transit.  Then the shipper can then prove that the fault lies in UPS's hands causing them to be responsible to pay a claim.  

3. The scannable EOD page allows the UPS pickup driver to scan just 1 barcode instead of 50 or a100 separate cartons causing a waste of time to the driver.  The lack of this EOD scan sheet causes to the shipper not to know whether the driver scanned every package while not having the time or the stamina to stand on top of the driver themselves to watch him scan every package.  Nobody can run a business like this.


Shipstation tells you that if you "really" want the driver to sign a manifest which is REQUIRED by any insurance claim, then you can go through the trouble to print out a list of your shipments and ask the driver to sign it.  This is tedious and the drivers will not usually want to do this - it is not UPS's way of doing business and without an EOD sheet, they are not required to do so.


It is a no brainer for Shipstation to make a scannable EOD to have it printed and scanned daily just like Shipstation makes one for USPS EOD.


We have experienced our 3rd claim today in a year where a package was not scanned and now missing in transit.  The unscanned packages then become vulnerable for theft with no accountability.  There will be no recourse that we can take on this missing package today specifically because there was no EOD sheet that could have been scanned.


Shipstation: PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS, HAVE COMMON SENSE and DO SOMETHING TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS SAFE.  Businesses need to sign for things that they take in their possession as proof that they picked it up.  It needs to be made easy.  Make a scannable UPS EOD sheet to protect us from these issues.

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Why is ShipStation not taking this issue seriously? 

When I opened a case with them on this issue, the support person said, "All shipment information is automatically sent to UPS when your labels are created. This is indicated by the package/present icon on the bottom right of your UPS shipping label. This denotes the shipment data has already been sent to UPS.
(11:02:17 AM) Ashanti B: we currently do not have a work around for those to get printed."

When I suggested ShipStation add the feature, I was directed to this blog and told;

"The product team reviews ideas periodically to help plan improvements to the ShipStation platform, and comments are a great way to demonstrate how the feature would help your business. 

The number of kudos and comments on an idea does help demonstrate the value of an idea to our team. But even ideas that don't gain traction with others can be useful and help provide context for the business challenges we’re hoping to  solve at ShipStation."

So, we need to "thumbs up" this blog, and add comments regularly to keep it on the top of the pile.  Maybe then, ShipStation will view it as the priority to it's subscribers that it is.

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We are still hoping...


maybe someone can try to figure out how to duplicate the UPS EOD report and then it can be custom made. 

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I don't understand why this is not being addressed by ShipStation - FedEx and USPS have EOD capabilities, why not UPS? My driver does not appreciate having to scan 200+ packages a day. 

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I am adding my voice to this topic as well. Our driver just told us he will no longer scan individual packages -- he can only scan a UPS End of Day report.

It is absolutely essential that ShipStation provides this report otherwise UPS does not acknowledge receipt of the shipments given to them.

We have already had shipments go missing or UPS claim they were give to the driver after the cutoff. A End of Day would make sure UPS takes responsibility for the shipments.  

If we don't see ShipStation making progress on this we will be forced to find another platform. Please address this issue.  

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Well you can see it's been over as year, and multiple threads on this, with no action or even public responses form staff.  

Just seems like SS is deaf to the needs of its customers.

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JUST A HEADS UP TO YOU GUYS WHOSE DRIVER WILL NOT SCAN, TALK TO YOUR UPS REP AND SAY THIS IS A DEALBREAKER IF YOU DONT SCAN you will go to FedEx or Post Office for all your shipping, they made an exemption for us where now they scan every package.

We sometimes have up to 100 boxes in a day, usually around 14x18x6 size boxes that weight 15 lb., we help the driver load packages everyday so he doesnt get off the truck, he just scans and finds a place for package, we told our rep, if they dont scan, we will not longer help load since they are taking away that, it will take much longer for the UPS driver to get out and put 100 boxes on the truck than to scan packages, It just sucks cuz the driver would be the one to pay for it. but doing these two things has kept us from having to deal with it, hope it works for your guys too, hate to  be a karen, but i dont like paying for packages that were shipped and "lost"

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I can't even get ahold of my rep anymore, LOL.  


Does anyone have recommendations for another shipping solution that has EOD for UPS?


We have experienced several packages getting lost after they have been given to the driver because he did not scan them. Since UPS never scanned the package before it was lost UPS claims the package was never in their hands. We forced the driver to scan packages after he backed the truck into our concrete planter and he asked us not to report it to his supervisor. But that was a few years ago and now his supervisor is insisting that packages not get scanned. He is only allowed to scan an EOD and ShipStation will not produce one. This needs to get addressed!!!!