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Adding additional postage

Occasional Contributor

How do I arbitrarily add twenty cents of additional postage to all labels?


It might seem silly, but I if wanted to burn twenty cents on every order to ensure I'm not underpostaged due to the post office deciding I'm over an ounce limit, how can I do that?


Super User
Super User

Could you just add an ounce or two to your weight if you are concerned about this?

Reading through your other posts it seems like weights are more complicated for you. I am going to think on this more! We ship with a service that doesn't require a weight to be specified so I haven't learned shipstation's tools in this area.

Occasional Contributor

No, because adding an ounce changes the postage by a different amount depending on the package or method.


I want "always add ten cents, irrespective of anything else."

Also, adding an ounce to the weight is a manual process as well as simply being wrong. I'd like accurate weight. I just want an extra dime purchased.

I deal mostly with shipments under 1lb and do not have the concerns you do.  I do not get things rejected for being overweight, and I know I push the limit sometimes.  Big to me was knowing where USPS did their jumps in price.  For me, items only go out under 4 different weights...4oz/8oz/12oz/15oz.