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Adding page break to packing slip


Original post by user Ned Miller


How do i add a Page Break to the end of a packing slip template?

I want to add an additional page with marketing, but i want the original packing slip to remain intact.



Hello there


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Adding code to a template is always a delicate task because custom code can end up causing more formatting problems down the road. 


While we do not have any HTML code that we can provide that would safely add a page break to your packing slip, I do have an alternate workflow that you might want to consider. 


You can turn your full page marketing document into an image and add the following code.


<img src=”” > 


If you want to insure that your marketing material is pushed to the next page I would add in specifications for either weight, height, or both. It would look like this: 


<img src="https::// yoururlishere..png" width="x” > or <img src="https::// yoururlishere..png" height="x” >


In my experience, the key to making sure your image renders correctly and that hinges on where the image is hosted. If you have an image hosting site you already use, awesome! If you don’t I have some recommendations that I swear by.


Also, we strongly encourage anyone with any additional suggestions to comment on this post as well.