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Adding warehouse to the fulfilmet orders details

New Contributor

Hello Dear ShipStation Support Team,


Please check how we can add a warehouse in case using "Marked Shipped" inside of order? As sometimes we have to create labels outside of ShipStation (market requirements), but in this case order goes to the fulfillment orders without any warehouse at all. For us very important consolidate all shipments inside of ShipStation, so this information must be there. Please assist.

Also, why in all orders that were fulfilled by AMZ doesn't have any markings inside of order that they shipped from AMZ warehouse? Or, at least, fulfilled provider doesn't reflect inside of order?



Hello there! 


You are correct that the warehouse is not currently updated during that "mark as shipped" process. I don't have anything on the books about this changing currently but I will certainly provide this feedback and keep an eye out for updates of this fashion! In the meantime, a way that you can still mark this on the orders for easy sorting might be to utilize Tags for those specific orders! 


If another member of the community has any insight to what they are doing in this instance, I invite them to describe their workflow. 🙂 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!