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Updating Products via CSV Import: Changes Not Reflected on Packing Slip

Hoping someone can help out- after contacting support several times with no resolution- I'm looking for any answer or potential workaround regarding updating product data via CSV import does NOT update packing slip/invoice parameters.
We want to change "warehouse location" field and "fulfillment SKU" field on 8,000 products. I've exported the product data CSV from SS and I've merged in the updated fields. I then import the data into SS via csv. Import is good, and the changes are visible when clicking into product details on SS.
However, when printing a packing slip for NEW orders (I understand that "apply to ALL open orders" option is not available for CSV import, but that's another issue that needs fixed) the OLD data appears for product warehouse location and fulfill SKU. Even though the product has the new data when clicking into it.
This is the case 70-80% of the time. I can't find a rhyme or reason as to why this is. Any insight, suggestions, or potential workarounds would be greatly appreciated.