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Assign Product Flag/Option "Ships Individually"


Originally Posted by Brendan Hanson 



We've spent a fair amount of time loading product data in for all of our products (as I assume most users have). Our products are unique in that many of them are very large and ship out individually, meaning if we get an order for 2 widgets, we need to print 2 labels.


Currently, if we get an order for 1, it's great, the system knows the package size/weight/etc, however, if we get an order for 2, we have to go in and manually key in the package specs and then duplicate the package in order to create the shipment.


I'd love the capability to flag a product as Ships Individually or Individually Boxed in order to tell the system that if more than a quantity of 1 is ordered, create a number of packages equal to the order quantity.




Hello Brendan, 


Thank you for your post and for being a member of our community. 


Currently, there is not a way for our system to automatically take orders with a quantity greater than one and create multiple shipments for that order for each item. 


If this is a feature you would like to see implemented in the future,  I'd highly recommend adding that idea to our Product Feedback Forum:


In the meantime, you can make your workflow more efficient by using our  Saved Order Filters and Split Orders into Shipments features in tandem. 


You would create a filter from your orders grid that only shows orders with a quantity greater than one. Then you would use our Split Orders into Shipments feature to create a separate shipment for every item in the order. When you split your order into shipments, each shipment will use the product default information for your shipment weight and dimensions. 


I have added our help center articles for both features below for your convenience. 


Split Orders into Multiple Shipments

Filter Orders 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 


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Good Feedback Erin!


You can also create saved package presets, so that when that product does happen to  be ordered, you can simply apply the preset to the order after selecting the "+" to designate multiple packages. We use this often with a few products that always ship in 2 or 3 box pieces. Example attached: