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Automatically Select Cheapest Rate


Hi everyone,


I was wondering what people are doing to automate the process of having the cheapest rate selected? I know Shipstation has some automation that assists partially in this, but looking for how people handle this. 


It would be great if Shipstation could compare rates and services and then apply the cheapest rate. 


Occasional Contributor

Completely agree....this would immensely help our fulfillment team

Hey Uyo,


My team just launched a tool to assist with this. You can check it out at 


let me know if this might be helpful for you

Occasional Contributor

I hope if ShipStation is working on this, that they are also considering automating selection or suggestion of the cheapest Ship From (with inventory on hand) for the cheapest carrier.  For those of us that have multiple Ship From's it's massively time consuming to choose the cheapest Ship From with inventory on hand and cheapest carrier.