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Barcodes on the Order Summary report are unscannable


Our packers find it most efficient to print the order summary report for pick-pack-ship instead of individual packing slips.
However, the barcode for the order/shipment ID on the Order summary report is un-scannable.
When compared side-by-side to the same barcode on the packing slip, it's clear there are extraneous characters on the beginning and end of the order summary barcode.
I've attached an image contrasting two barcodes for the same order, one from the packing slip and one from the order summary.
This has been with support now for 22+ days and has been "escalated" to their development team.
They haven't returned my recent-most calls.  First-tier support claims they, "have someone reach out" 
Is anyone else scanning the barcodes on the order summary report successfully?
Thanks!Barcodes Comparison.jpg


Hey there @epommerer


Thanks for joining us here in the community space! We are so happy to have you with us 🙂 


You've done precisely the right thing by reaching out to our support team for this type of behavior. Thank you for being patient as the team continues to investigate this matter. 


I assure you we are working diligently, but these can take some time to resolve. When there are any updates in your case, you will either be updated directly on that same email thread and/or I will update this post accordingly. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


While I appreciate your enthusiasm, it's now been a month-and-a-half.
Promises of escalation and return calls and updates go unfulfilled.
This is disappointing and frustrating.


We're now at the two-month mark with this issue.
Is it impossible to replicate the good barcode on the Packing Slip form as a barcode on the Order Summary form?
My (seeming automated) response from Support was,

"At this time we have no additional updates from our development team on this issue. We are awaiting on our development team to review this further and have no ETA on when a resolution will occur. We will be sure to update you with any necessary information as we continue to troubleshoot further."

What I hear with my frustrated ears is, "It's too inconsequential for us to have looked at yet after two months."

Occasional Contributor

We are having the exact same issue and now got an open case, we have tried different barcode readers quality of prints etc. no avail

It's a formatting issue on the form.
I forget the exact format (like code128 or code39) And while they're formatted correctly on the Packing Slips, they contain erroneous characters on the order summary report. I included an illustration in this thread that I hope you can see.
I thought I was going crazy "Are we the only users to use summary reports?" "How long (two months) can it take to fix one form using another as an example?"


Now past month four.
Can someone in Dev. pretty pretty please just copy and paste the barcode field from the Packing slip to the Order Summary report already?


Now past month five.
Any expectation that Shipstation will address this is lost.
Thanks for nothing.

Hello @epommerer


I was informed that a fix was pushed out for this issue last Tuesday, have you been able to test the functionality since then? Please let us know. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager