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Barcodes product SKU in order summaries


I am wondering if shipstation can add the item SKU barcode next to each item in the order summary. Any help would be great!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Candles


Welcome to the community, we are so happy to have you here with us. 


Currently, there is no way to do this within the order summary. I do know that we do plan to support a scan to view barcodes for the entire order in order summaries, but it would not be for each SKU. 


You can learn more about order summaries and the customization options currently available here: 


Order Summaries Help Center Article  


That being said you can add SKU barcodes to packing slips. If you want to check that out, I have linked the help center article below. 


Add Barcodes to Packing Slips 


Hopefully, this helps you out. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager