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Bulk Update Bundle Products


Add the ability to bulk update bundle products by using a CSV file to import the components of a bundle product.



Yes, we need that as soon as possible please. We cannot edit all the SKUs one by one. 

@Manager-Erin @SuperMgr-Sarah 

New Contributor

I'd like to present an idea aimed at addressing the challenges associated with CSV uploads, drawing inspiration from my prior experience with StitchLabs, a system that was highly efficient in managing inventory. StitchLabs had a feature that greatly simplified tasks like updating product information and creating bundles using CSV files.

Here's how it worked: Every item added to the system was assigned a unique variant ID, which users could not modify. These variant IDs played a crucial role in identifying and tracking each newly created variant. The introduction of this concept, the variant ID, made it significantly easier for users to make changes to product titles, SKUs, and other relevant information. As long as the variant ID remained unchanged, the system could accurately associate all edits with that specific product or variant.

Furthermore, this functionality was extended to creating bundles using CSV files. To specify which components would constitute a particular bundle, users simply assigned the variant IDs of each bundle component, along with the quantity, by separating the amount with a comma under the "Bundle Component" column.

Here's an example of how this system was structured for creating a bundle and its corresponding components with variant IDs:

Variant ID (Reference Only) SKU Bundle Components

The Variant ID was what Stitchlabs recognized as the product/variant, and the user simply used the SKU for their reference. In the example below, the bundle SKU ARTK097-G_AR002-6-12 would consist of one each of SKU ARTK097-G and AR002-6-12.


Variant ID (Reference Only)SKUBundle Components

Under the "Bundle Components" column, the user would input the variant IDs corresponding to each SKU that would make up the bundle (4444 = AR002-6-12) and (5555 = ARTK097-G). The "1" following the comma after the variant IDs represented the quantity of each component that would make up the bundle.

I believe that implementing a similar approach in our CSV upload system could significantly enhance the user experience and streamline product and bundle management.

@Manager-Erin @SuperMgr-Sarah


Hi @ebx2012 

Im am impressed by your hope that Shipstation will read your message and take an action. Just look for another solutions. These people do not even respond and take years to solve the problems on the app.


I will add to this request as well to bulk upload an update existing bundles and bulk upload new bundles within ShipStation via a .csv file.  It is a great feature to offer, but without a bulk upload option it will only be useful to a handful of users.  Give the users the feature to bulk upload an update existing bundles and bulk upload new bundles within ShipStation and this will be useful to a majority of your users.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Excited to report (albeit a little slowly) that we did complete a new import option for bundle configs!