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Can not modify preset shipping preferences

Occasional Contributor

Stuck on this one and chat tech support was worthless as usual.  I can't modify or delete our existing shipping presets.  When I click on manage presets I get a spinning cog that never goes away (see attached photo).  Before it used take you to a new pop up screen that would let you modify, delete, or create a new shipping preferences.

Any ideas or thoughts on why it is doing this as it is going on three days now without being able to modify the presets.



Occasional Contributor

I've had a related problem for the last three days also -- ever since USPS Ground Advantage was introduced. I can get the Manage Presets display and can, in theory, edit them. However, nothing works. The edits are not applied and in reality no presets are applied to new or existing orders, even though I can display the Manage Presents panel.