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Can we have a moment of silence - Shipstation is officially non functioning - rest in peace!


Downgrading plan to starter plan and taking our UPS rates off - after 6-7 years we've finally had enough. This program worked flawlessly for years - starting about 1 year ago - hiccups started. Today there are so many issues all relating to API to Shopify that we have finally given up. Have moved to other systems and loving what we are using now. Will keep Shipstation alive for a month or so while we drain our funds down to zero.

Good luck everyone!




Occasional Contributor

In ShipStation's defense, the Shopify API can be tricky.

I've heard from users that they're starting to switch to EasyShip

No excuses for the issues and support that we received. We pay good money monthly for a platform that is now non functioning - good news is it finally pushed us to go elsewhere! Now just winding down our funds.

Occasional Contributor

We've been using SS for 5 years-- I'm over it too.

The fact they are not responding to chat is BEYOND INFURIATING. Sadly, ShipStation keeps going downhill. I am looking into both Pirate Ship, Shippo + Ship Hero to compare. 

SS is the most expensive; and they do not pass on shipping discounts (unlike others), I did not mind becuase I've been using them for years without issue. Previously customer service was excellent. Now it's deplorable. Time for an alternative! 

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Easy Ship is nother option!