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Change Shipping Times In Shopify Integration App

New Contributor

This feature is necessary for me and my business but for whatever reason doesn't exist.

Basically I need to be able to edit or better yet remove completely the part where it says "4 business days" or "2 business days" from the checkout on shopify checkout.


4 business days.png
I use the shipstation integration app for shopify to get the live rates so I'm charging the proper amount for shipping, but it puts these weirdly inaccurate shipping lengths on the order for some reason.

Not only are they inaccurate for how long shipping actually takes, but they are confusing customers who think that means a package will arrive in 2 or 4 days from purchasing, not that it  takes 2 days once it ships.

People are expecting amazon shipping from a 4 person company and no matter how many disclaimers I put people will miss them so I need to be able to get rid of it. 


New Contributor

I don't know how ShipStation does it but you might get away with editing your shopify theme to hide that information using CSS.

You can only edit the CSS on checkout with shopify plus which costs $2000 a month.