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Checking boxes glitch

Occasional Contributor

anyone else notice a recent checking boxes to toggle selecting/unselecting an order or an option? seems like this started happening  yesterday and I still unable to deselect some of these printers in shipstation connect:





Frequent Contributor

I reported this bug (or something similar) in April:


As usual it's been pulling teeth to get any response at all from Shipstation support.

Occasional Contributor

thats funny, because they sent a message asking if this response was helpful. It is helpful in letting me know that I am not the only one who has reservations about their support! thanks for the reply!

Occasional Contributor

This has been happening to us as well. Every time I deselect more than 1 or 2 devices in ShipStation Connect, all the devices end up disappearing completely. I have to sign out of ShipStation Connect on my desktop to reset everything and have them show up again. All of my devices appear once again and I'm in the same situation as before. I can't seem to deselect any devices without running into some sort of bug.