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Company Name on Return Address

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We're having issues with having Company Names appear as part of the Return Address. We ship for many different clients from one "Ship From" location.


For each of our clients, we have the "Always use Company Name on the Return Address printed on outbound labels" selection box checked. 


For USPS and UPS, the Company name appears as desired, but running into issues with DHL eCommerce.  It just says "Shipping Department" (or whatever we have in the "Name" field" in the Ship-From).


Is there a way to get the Company name to appear as part of the return address? This is especially confusing when trying to process returns, as we're not able to easily spot the returns for our clients that require quicker return processing.







Hello @flyingcloud


Thank you for your post and for taking the time to participate in our community. We are elated to have you with us! 


This type of issue is definitely something we will want to send up to the support department as others here in the community will not have access to the backend of the system to get to the root of this behavior. I will be privately messaging you about the next steps that will need to be taken. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!