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Create Automation rules from ShipperHQ Data

New Contributor



ShipperHQ is an amazing integration but the problem is limiting it to view only. One of the amazing features is dimensional packing. Which shows the best box size to pack the order based on the boxes that we set up in the system.

Now, Shipstation shows this data but it's read-only. I would like to take this data and use automation rules to apply the correct dimensions to the shipments.

Now I have to go the details of each shipment, check the box size information from shipperHQ and put it manually in shipstation.


It's a great feature since shipstation doesn't support box automation if there are multiple items in the cart.

I believe it should be a very idea to setup by just giving shipstation automation engine the ability to read this data and function based on it.


Occasional Contributor

I agree!  The main reason we started using ShipperHQ last year was because of the dimensional packaging.  They kept telling us how they integrated with ShipStation, but at the time we were happy with the program we used to print labels.  We are now looking to switch to Shipstation but without this information being available to use in SS there's no benefit to switching and incurring the additional cost of Shipstation.